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The market

We know your market well

The decision on where and how to locate your Business is essential, as it entails a substantial financial investment and a long term commitment.

At eLocalia we know where your clients are and how they behave. With our technology and experience we can tell you which locations work, where and how.

Let our professionals lead you to success.

The ideal location
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We search for your ideal location

Working with our extensive knowledge of the commercial premises available in your town, together we will find the location that best fits your business needs.

We help you to analyze the available premises and dramatically reduce the time you need to devote to this task.

The Key for success
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We help you to sell

Once we find the premises for you we do not leave you on your own. We strive for the success of your business, promoting it precisely where you need through our micromarketing services. You have the idea, the product, the dream. We have the key to your success..

Are You Real- Estate Agent

At eLocalia we work proactively to bring you clients, just as if we were part of your team: we find for you retail operators, entrepreneurs and franchisees that are searching for the premises you have to offer.

Registering your premises is FREE.

How do we work?

Our Real Time Site Decision Support method enables us to conduct real-time searches and analyses of locations based on the demographic and socioeconomic profiles of the people living or working in their area of influence.

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big quoteOur business model enables us to reach the commercial premises that fit the requirements of the operator in any particular geographical area. We study the area of influence of every potential location, comparing business variables and socioeconomic data, in order to make the best informed decision possible..

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